Swimming pool maintenance is one of the largest challenges that pool owners face. Your pool is part of an open environment with a wide range of variables including wind, temperature, sunshine, contaminants like lawn fertilizers and weed killers,  debris from the surrounding landscape and the number of guests. Maintaining your filtration system and keeping the proper chemical balance is critical. We offer a complete swimming pool maintenance program for both our commercial and residential customers. Let Arnold's Pools handle the hard part while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your backyard oasis!


Don’t you want to enjoy your pool? Swimming pool care and maintenance can be a huge headache if you don't have the time to invest in proper pool care. Arnold's Pools can handle all of your residential pool maintenance needs. With so many variables involved, it can be difficult to resolve problems with your pool water. We offer affordable weekly or bi-weekly residential pool maintenance that will help you prevent common pool problems such as cloudy water, staining, algae and scale formation. Arnold's Pools can maintain your chemicals and filtration system so you can enjoy a swimming pool that truly sparkles and is a pleasure for the entire family.



Arnold's Pools is a premier pool builder for the Grand Strand and has constructed some of the most impressive commercial pools in the area! We offer services to not only maintain your commercial pool but keep it DHEC compliant! Call us for details and let's talk about what Arnold's Pools can do for you.