Commercial Pool Cleaners

26 Point Daily Check System
  1. Straighten all pool furniture
  2. Wipe down tables and chairs
  3. Blow off deck with blower
  4. Empty all trash cans, wipe down and replace bags as needed
  5. Check bathrooms for cleanliness
  6. Clean skimmer baskets/ check skimmer weirs for proper skimming
  7. Check sanitizer (chl) levels and adjust accordingly
  8. Check pool levels and adjust accordingly
  9. Clean perimeter tile
  10. Adjust water levels as needed
  11. Clean up all trash inside and outside of fence area
  12. Check all phones twice weekly
    1. Visibly check for algae, slippery areas and correct
    2. Hose down deck as needed
  13. Visibly check all DHEC required signs and keep clean
  14. Check handrails and ladders for safety purposes
  15. Check pumps for proper operation, leaks, etc.
  16. Check pump strainer baskets and clean daily
  17. Check filter pressure gauges for proper PSI
  18. Check effluent gauges for proper pool water turnover rate
  19. Visibly check main drain and skimmer cutoff valves
  20. Visibly check fencing and pull gates
  21. Brush pool down 3xs weekly
  22. Vacuum pool daily or as needed during off season
  23. Backwash pool as needed
  24. Supply DHEC with state CPO License

Weekly Pool Duties

Arnold's Pools is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies at clubhouse or pool.

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